Group Biography

In 1957 a group of guys got together in southeast Washington DC at an eatery called the Hi Ho (a happy days teen hang out before there ever was a TV Happy Days show). These guys began to sing acapella on the street corners and in teen clubs around the D.C. area. They were noticed by a local radio personality who befriended them and entered them in numerous talent contests around the metro area. Over a period of time, the guys, who named themselves The Bobolinks, won twenty three talent shows in a row. The group was then noticed and signed by the record label "Colt 45 Records." They have never looked back. The Bobolinks, who changed their name to The Memories(TM) in 1962,  have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows over the years, including the Milt Grant, Buddy Dean, and Bandstand shows. They have performed before hundreds of thousands of fans all over the country, and their numerous records and CD's have been well received over these almost fifty years of performing. In fact some of their earlier records have become highly prized collectors items. These guys are also known for their generosity and giving back attitude to those less fortunate individuals in our society. They have been cited by numerous organizations such as, The Muscular Dystrophy Society, the American Heart Assoc., The American Cancer Society and others. The Memories have, over the years,  developed the ability to handle and deliver a wide swath of challenging material. The ease with which they traverse the various types of music, illustrates their talent and professionalisim developed over the many years of performing.
   From the beginning of their remarkable career, The Memories have had but one goal in mind, and that is to provide exceptional listening and dancing music for those fans who enjoy going back to a time when growing up was just a lot of fun. One of The Memories greatest honors came in 1998 when they were enshrined in The Vocal Group Hall Of Fame. We hope that you have been able to catch their act at one of the many venues at which they have performed, including The Hall of Fame concerts. The Memories look forward to seeing you and greeting each of you in the future. Listed below are the names of the original group members from 1957:


    2011  Memories: Ron Lutz, Lou Martin, Glen Bortz, Charlie Helmick, Rob Dove Jr., Rick Williamson,     
          Mike Scheer and June Flynn